The complete pregnancy course by specialized Occupational therapists (oefentherapeuten)

We provide a complete pregnancy course in which all phases of your pregnancy, childbirth and the time after are discussed. In addition, we do a lot of exercises so that you stay as fit as possible and are well prepared for your delivery and postpartum period. The course consists of 6 lessons and a post partum meeting. The 6 lessons consist of two parts; a theory and a practical part. During the theory you will receive information about the various aspects of pregnancy and there will be room for your questions. During the practical part, you actively practice to prepare your body for childbirth. You are in a group of like-minded English-speaking pregnant women to spar with and share experiences during and after your pregnancy. The course is given by Pelvic specialist (registered bekkenoefentherapeut) Suzanne van Ee and Children and baby specialist (registered kinderoefentherapeut) Roos Homburg and guest speakers!

Learn about:
The Stages of pregnancy
Changes in your body during pregnancy
Learn to deal with your body and prevent pelvic pain
Anxiety and mental well-being (by specialized mental coach)
The stages of childbirth and your cooperation
The body after childbirth and recovery
Daily activities and good postures with your baby and supporting your baby’s development Sleep and proper rest for parents and baby (by specialized sleep therapist)
Exercises during the different stages

– dates: 21st of June till the 26th of July
– Weekly ond Wednesday 10:30-11:30 AM
– Location: Maria Austriastraat, 117 IJburg
– Costs: €275,-  Register by sending an email to suzanne@oefentherapie-ijburg.nl or call 06-42713539

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